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About Me

I am a Brazilian Nutritionist based in Vancouver (Canada) with over 10 years of experience in the area.

Here in Canada I work as a Nutritional Consultant. As a nutritionist and a future Natural Chef I prioritize a healthy and tasty diet to all. And thinking on my clients, I started to reproduce recipes in an easy, fast and healthy way showing that everyone can have a lighter and healthier lifestyle.

  Vanessa Montagner.


My Services

I am specialized in helping people who are looking for a healthier and happier life to eat healthy - according to their nutritional needs, goals, habits and individual characteristics, in a tasty and nutritious way.


My work includes:

  • Weight Loss

  • Personalized Diet Plan

  • Personalized Shopping Experience

  • Kitchen Food Makeover

  • Workshops

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About Us


Receitas da Vanessa

eBook Receitas da Vanessa bringing 10 recipes that are easy, quick and healthy. 

Here you will find some options for breakfast, deserts, snacks, lunch and dinner.

Made with love for you! 


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